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Most people fail to learn Japanese because the materials are not fun, aren't useful in everyday life, lack clear explanations, and their methods don't stick. With 90 Day Japanese, we ensure success by building accountability measures, rewards, and psychology!

We teach languages with a no-nonsense approach, and you'll get access to our premium learning materials, plus unlimited email coaching and corrections from a native Japanese speaker.
All this for a fraction of the cost of university courses and private tutors - all from the comfort of your home!

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Welcome to 90 Day Japanese

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Unlock the magic of Japanese language and culture.
Why learn Japanese?

Here are a few popular reasons:

  • Visit Japan and interact with the locals for a unique and memorable experience.
  • Experience the richness of Japanese culture such as ceremonies, ikebana (flower arranging), and calligraphy.
  • Understand the nuances in anime, manga, films, and J-dramas.
  • Communicate better with your Japanese friends, partners, or family members.
  • Live comfortably in Japan without depending on other people for translations.
  • Open the door to work opportunities with global companies with ties to Japan
  • Prepare to study at Japan's prestigious universities or to engage in research related to Japanese topics.
  • Appreciate the intricacies of Japanese cuisine.
  • Explore traditional practices like Zen Buddhism in a deeper and more meaningful way.
  • Learn to communicate in martial arts such as karate, judo, and aikido.
  • Personal challenge to increase your skills and keep your brain sharp.

Our No Nonsense Approach

Our online course content is structured so you can make consistent progress without worrying about what to learn next. Just follow the step-by-step lessons!

Flexible Schedule

The course is set up so you can study at your own pace. Others’ schedules won’t restrict you – you set your own!


Stay motivated and on track by setting clear goals before you get started. You’ll get regular lesson reminders, support from an active community, and a coach to help you stay on track.

1:1 Personal Coaching

Our program includes 1-1 personal coaching from a Japanese native teacher. Submit your homework for grading, ask grammar questions, or get useful tips on Japanese culture.

80/20 Method

The first step to learning Japanese quickly is to focus on what matters. We teach 20% of the language used 80% of the time, so you get fast results. Never waste time studying unnecessary lessons.


You will learn Japanese using mnemonics, stories, and associations. Leverage what you already know in English and connect it to Japanese. You learn faster because you link it to what you already know.

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