About 90 Day Japanese

こんにちは! Thanks for stopping by and checking us out!

A bit of background about 90 Day Japanese: We’re a mixed group of native Japanese and foreigners who live in Japan. We work together to give you all of the info you need about Japanese language and culture.

We think the combo of both a native perspective and Japanese learners from around the world gives you the best of both worlds.

The 90 Day Japanese team creates lots of new content around Japanese language and culture regularly. We support our readers with free Japanese language and culture content on our blogYouTube channel, and other social media platforms (FacebookInstagramTwitter, etc).

Everything we create on the blog, social media channels, and email is all free. We also have a paid private membership with our online web course that will teach you how to have a 3 minute conversation in the first 90 days.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1) What is 90 Day Japanese?

The idea behind the company came from noticing that Japanese learners were having a hard time learning the language, and we knew there had to be a better way. Some were skipping Hiragana and using tricky Romanized English.

We thought, "Let's make it easier." Our mission is to prove that learning the Japanese can be a piece of cake!


Q2) How did 90 Day Japanese start?

90 Day Japanese started after we had great success with 90 Day Korean, and lots of learners wanted to dive into Japanese. Our goal is to help Japanese learners in learning the language and culture, much like we did with Korean.

Now, many people are using our resources to study Japanese at home, and we frequently post free blogs.

Q3) Do I need to know Japanese to study with 90 Day Japanese?

You do not need to know Japanese; that’s entirely optional (and pretty cool!). Everything we create on our blog is written in English. We also often include Japanese words or phrases in Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji alongside English. This is because language and culture are interconnected, so learning about one helps you understand the other.

Q4) How do I get started learning with 90 Day Japanese?

If you cannot read Japanese, we recommend visiting our blog site and exploring articles that will set you on the path to your language journey.

We recommend starting with these articles:

Q5) Is 90 Day Japanese free?

Absolutely! You can enjoy all the free content on our blog. And guess what? We're cooking up some amazing premium courses, which will be launching soon.

Join our waiting list to stay in the loop!

Q6) Why is it called 90 Day Japanese?

It’s called 90 Day Japanese because our course is designed to get you to a point where you can have a 3-minute conversation in Japanese within just 90 days. That's the magic of it!